This Week in Mentalists Awards 2013 – The Shortlist

Looking forward to exploring some new (to me) blogs from this list! 🙂


After a month of nominations from the public, we now have a shortlist for the This Week in Mentalists Awards 2013. This is the fourth year of the awards, showcasing the best in mental health blogging (and also for the first time this year, vlogging).

Sifting through the nominations to come up with a shortlist turned out to be a tricky one, not least because a lot of people nominated without stating a category, or stated a category when a blog seemed more to belong in a rather different once. Hence I’ve had to do a certain amount of juggling between the categories.

The more eagle-eyed readers may notice that one category has disappeared altogether. The “therapy” category simply didn’t attract a sufficient number of relevant blogs, so that category has been scrapped.

Compared to previous years I’ve had to cast a fairly high number of deciding votes this year…

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