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5 Ways Physiotherapists Influenced My Practice

This week's #OTalk is about reflecting on our own experiences of health and social care. I wrote a blog post entitled 'When Occupational Therapy Goes Right' for a previous #OTalk with a similar topic a few months ago. When I revisited it today, I realised that I had neglected to reflect on my own experience… Continue reading 5 Ways Physiotherapists Influenced My Practice


#OTalk Research – Survey Completion Request

If you’ve ever participated in #OTalk, accessed the blog or seen others take part, please take a few minutes to complete our survey.


The OTalk Team has been awarded ethical approval to conduct a survey evaluating the impact of OTalk.

Please find below:

A copy of the Participant Information

A link to the Survey

A sample tweet/status for you to share with your followers (feel free to copy and paste this).

Participant Information

Research Title
#OTalk – an evaluation of the experiences and impact of a weekly occupational therapy twitterchat.

Purpose of this research
This form is designed to collect responses on your experience with the Twitter chat that uses the hashtag #OTalk (also including previous chats using the hashtag #occhat).

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the impact of #OTalk on a number of factors including:
Opinions and knowledge of occupational therapy and occupational science.
Engagement in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
Changes to Practice.

It is also important to form a better understanding of enablers and barriers to engagement…

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