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Call for #EDAW15 Volunteers: Eating Disorders and Occupational Therapy Q&A’s

Last year, @pd2ot and I hosted an #OTalk tweetchat about occupational therapy and eating disorders for Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#EDAW14). We had 63 participants, and tweets from the chat made 659,387 impressions. Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a chance to raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders, challenge stereotypes and stigmas and raise funds for… Continue reading Call for #EDAW15 Volunteers: Eating Disorders and Occupational Therapy Q&A’s

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12 Days of #OTalk (2014)

As 2014 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on another fantastic year of #OTalk. One of the things I love most about #OTalk is how it brings such a diverse range of people together to talk about really varied topics. Below are some of my favourite chats of the year. While I've only included… Continue reading 12 Days of #OTalk (2014)

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Announcement: New Role!

Before you jump to conclusions, I haven't left my job! I'm currently on the train back from the College of Occupational Therapists Mental Health Specialist Section (COTSS-MH) meeting in (freezing cold, but ever-beautiful) York, and will be taking over as communications officer. It's been a really fun and informative day, and I'm looking forward to… Continue reading Announcement: New Role!