Mental Health, Occupational Therapy

Announcement: New Role!

Before you jump to conclusions, I haven’t left my job!

I’m currently on the train back from the College of Occupational Therapists Mental Health Specialist Section (COTSS-MH) meeting in (freezing cold, but ever-beautiful) York, and will be taking over as communications officer. It’s been a really fun and informative day, and I’m looking forward to getting to grips with my new role.


I appreciate that not all my followers/readers are OTs or UK-based, so here’s some more information:

Specialist Sections are branches of the College of Occupational Therapists that provide professional direction and leadership for occupational therapists working in specialist areas of practice. They share information, network and promote good practice.


If you’re an occupational therapist or OT student and wondering if you should join COTSS-MH, see the College of Occupational Therapists website for membership benefits which include:

  • Access to a national and international network of occupational therapists working in mental health
  • An e-newsletter published three times a year which includes articles, book reviews, research development and reports
  • Regular study events – this includes the “Evidencing Excellence” COTSS-MH conference in Liverpool (19th & 20th March 2015) (hashtag #cotssmh) and an eating disorders study day a little later in the year
  • Networking access to practice based networks

Watch this space!


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