Board Games

Guidance for Contributors

First of all, thank you for your interest in this project. I hope that, together, we can pull together a really useful resource for occupational therapists who want to use board games in their practice.

Please see the information below for suggestions of what to include in your guest post. Click here for an example. If you’ve got other ideas for format, content etc, I’d love to hear them!

Title: Game and Year of Publication

Please include a picture, either a photo you have taken yourself, or a picture from the internet that demonstrates what the game looks like. Remember to credit your source, and include a link.


  1. Game information from BoardGameGeek website using the format below:
    1. Players:
    2. Playing Time:
    3. Weight /5:
    4. Type (this can be found under “Classification”):
    5. Category:
    6. Mechanisms:
  2. Short introduction to the game and how to play it. Please credit other sources, if used

Experience of the Game:

  1. How did you first discover this game? Why did you choose it?
  2. Share your experience of using the game (either in clinical practice or your own life). Be clear about the context you used it in. Include anecdotes if you like, but please protect the anonymity of service users.
  3. Tell us about how you structured it, and any changes you made


  1. What were the benefits of this particular game?
  2. Tell us about any challenges that arose
  3. Share any recommendations for others using this game (e.g. what are different ways you could structure the game? How could you adjust the challenge?


  1. Link to any useful resources you’ve come across, e.g. teaching guides, printable resources from BoardGameGeek, youtube videos, translations etc

Any questions? Let me know!


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